Betsy Eeckhout: geodes


The geodes are the secret garden of men with their intimacy, fragility, imagination, playfulness and their erotic fantasy.

Betsy Eeckhout ’s geodes look like split coconuts.
Their bone-white hollows are offerings to the universe. They possess a magical, magnetic quality, an almost biological frailness. They allow a glimpse into the geological depths of the earth.
During many thousands of years, they have been woven by sedimentary deposits, making each one of them unique.
These white shells are nuggets of eternity unveiling the crystal-like delicacy of their intimacy. Here we have a subtle search for balance and formal perfection.
Some of these paper shells may hold seeds or maybe tiny mineral pellets, another one is lined with strands. One no longer knows the sort of world one deals with. Everything is mixed, mineral, vegetal and even animal. The onlooker has to try for himself . His imagination is stimulated by these egg-shaped hollow masses that conjure up the beginning of the universe and the creative seething of elements, like the pieces of a dream. The dream has to be shattered so that one may understand the hidden meaning.
Michèle Minne