Betsy Eeckhout robes du vin


To fashion her sculptural wine-dresses, she used and assembled the grape stems discarded after grape-harvesting.

Close to the vineyard, heaps of grape stems are discarded.
Skeletons of dried grapes exposed to the sun and wind of the region.
I bend down and breathe in the special fragrance coming from those vegetal shapes clinging to one another.
My emotion feeds on images of sap : green, rosé or red liquids. This alchemical process takes place in the vicinity : wine is slowly being made. Later on, its structure, body and colour will be appreciated.
I thrust my hands into the heap, pull out an armful for the feel of it, the grape stems cling to my clothes.
Perhaps they could be made to live again, however briefly. I shall make dresses with them, they could be turned into the bodies I would lend them, they will be wine-dresses. Fleeting images.
Shapes would be conjured up, physical, decorated, troubling, elegant, moving, even sometimes amusing.
Still, where does the dress end, where does the body begin?
Where does the border lie between fullness and the void, the hidden and the visible?
A fantasized dress, never to be worn, it conveys the disconcerting presence of the absent body.