betsy Eeckhout: artist - geodes - robe du vin - books made of paper


Will books soon become no more than curiosities, replaced by other ways of learning, other sources of knowledge ?
My books are objects for thought and meditation. They stand for metamorphosis, lost memory, dream and poetry. At the same time weightless and heavy, playful and serious.
It is onlooker’s task, to give meaning to these virgin pages, not intended to be written on. The only visible signs are those of the paper’s grain, both sensual and delicate, and those of the stone with its fossils and age-old strata.

The books shaped objects are made from various kinds of paper. The artist manufactures them from plants that grow in her environnement; they are somethimes associated with other materials, such as ancient carved stones.
She uses oriental as well as occidental techniques to make a variety of papers and has developped her own techniques of hand-making papers.